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The X-Analytics Profile Builder

Updated: Jun 2

The profile builder is an easy-to-use wizard that helps the user describe the entity being assessed. Learn how to build a profile using the X-Analytics Profile Builder.

What is a profile?

A profile is the entity that is being assessed so you can manage, design, and communicate a cyber resilience strategy for the entity. A profile can be built for an entire business (or organization), a business unit, a product line, a critical business application or process, or any other logical or physical business entity.

Why is building a profile important?

The profile is directly associated with estimating cyber exposure and prioritized mitigation. It includes revenue, record types and volume, geographical regions, and other characteristics that help determine cyber incident probability and severity.

Step 1: Open the Profile Center

Within the X-Analytics Application, go to the toolbar (left margin of screen), and select Profile Center. The Profile Center will show the following options:

Step 2: Select a Profile Category to Complete or Update

Within the Profile Builder, you can select from the following categories:


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