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Supplier Cyber Security Frameworks and Controls

Step 3 in completing a supplier assessment is to answer:

  • Applicable implementation of security frameworks

  • Achieved compliance standards

In this section you may select the supplier compliance and/or adherence to specified security standards. This applies the benefit of the assessed security standard to the supplier's control effectiveness score.

Note: you may want to use the assessed Cyber Exposure and Risk Tier from Step 2 to determine whether Step 3 is required in the supplier assessment process.

Once you have selected the applicable control and compliance standards, click

"Recalculate" at the bottom right of the page.

You will see the inherent risk and exposure of the supplier relationship change based on the assessed control maturity of the supplier.

Once all applicable control and compliance standards are selected, click "Finish Assessment" to save the assessment to your Supplier Catalogue.


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