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The X-Analytics Supply Chain Assessment

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

The Supply Chain assessment is a quick and efficient assessment of a supplier associated with an entity or profile. Learn how to create an assessment using the X-Analytics supply chain assessment builder.

You will learn:

What is a supply chain assessment?

A supply chain assessment is an assessment of a supplier's relationship to an associated profile

within an organization. A supply chain assessment can be associated with one or more organizational profiles depending on what relationships the supplier has across the organization. A supply chain assessment can be associate with an overall enterprise profile , individual business units, or departments within the X-Analytics account.

For more on "how to build an X-Analytics profile" for the organization, please click here: The X-Analytics Profile Builder.

Why is creating an X-Analytics Supply Chain assessment important?

The supplier assessment allows X-Analytics to understand the cyber risk and financial impact of the relationship based on not just the external view of a supplier but upon the internal relationship of that supplier to the associated profile. This is directly related to formulating a risk rating of the supplier relationship within the threshold set by the organization and understanding estimated financial exposure of the relationship across data breach, business interruption, ransomware, and misappropriation.

For more information on setting supply chain risk tier threshold, click here: Setting Supplier Risk Tiers

Step 1: Start a new supply chain assessment

Within the Supply Chain Center of the X-Analytics Application, click on "Start Assessment" on the top right of the Supply Chain Summary dashboard.


Within the Supply Catalogue, click on a supplier that already exist within your catalogue of suppliers and click the "+" icon at the top right of the assessment box to start a new assessment of this supplier.

Step 2: Complete supplier assessment steps 1 through 3

The supplier assessment is made up of three efficient steps to understanding the supplier relationship and determine risk tier of the supplier relationship.

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