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Welcome to the X-Analytics Community

A place where curious business leaders want to understand and solve the cyber risk problem.

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Avoid the Hype

With the current hype cycle, it is easy to understand why many business leaders have of an uneasy state of mind regarding cybersecurity.

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Be part of something that is bigger than you.  Join the community.

Community Benefits

To increase confidence, the community provides insights, fosters debate, and encourages collaboration to facilitate action in solving the cyber risk problem.


As a community member, you have exclusive access to the entire community insights library to inform cyber risk decisions.

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All community members have the ability to read and exchange ideas with other members to improve the cyber risk condition.

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Exclusive community events bring together members to foster debate and stimulate action to improve cyber resiliency.

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Community Focus

This community focuses on critical global cyber risk themes that are intended to transform the way we deliver a cyber-resilient future, together.

Innovation Drives Growth

The X-Analytics Community is an extension of the patented and market validated X-Analytics platform.

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X-Analytics Cloud-Native Application 

Helping businesses create a wining cyber risk strategy.  The X-Analytics research team leverages the application for the development of community insights.

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NACD Cyber Risk Reporting Service

Partnering with SSIC, the NACD brings this quarterly board reporting service to its members, using X-Analytics, to highlight cyber risk financial exposure.

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World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2023

Selecting SSIC (X-Analytics), the WEF honors us as one of the most innovative and impactful companies worldwide to bring forward fresh thinking to critical discussions.

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Intellectual Property & Research

Holding U.S patents for its cyber risk economic methods and models.  The X-Analytics research team uses  research and innovation to bring forward community insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you join, we understand that you may have questions that need to be answered.

Accelerating Cyber Resilience

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