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The X-Analytics Community

Instills Confidence. Provides Insights.

The Power of Community

As an extension to the patented and validated X-Analytics cyber risk decision application, the community promotes assurance and certainty.


The concept is simple.  The X-Analytics Community was created to provide additional guidance to X-Analytics customers.  The community provides a place for X-Analytics customers to collaborate, get additional support, and gain further insight.  As an ultimate goal, the community aims to bridge the gap between technical and business leaders in an effort to solve the cyber risk condition.

Our Uniqueness

We believe the cyber risk condition can be solved.  However, the answer is different for every business and organization.

Community Vision

Collaboration. Get Support. Gain Insight

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We are promoting fellowship through the community forum.  The forum is a place where members can share ideas, ask questions, and foster debate.


All members share a common goal. The goal is to solve the cyber risk problem with a perspective that we all own a part of the problem.

Sales Agent


Sometimes there are questions.  So, we are providing additional X-Analytics support through the support library and FAQ.


The X-Analytics support library includes content related to accessing and using the application, methodology, and updates.

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In an effort to solve the cyber risk condition, we are regularly producing new and astonishing cyber risk insights.  


The insights library includes articles related to industry benchmarks, emerging trends, and the macro-economic cyber risk condition.

What if I am not an X-Analytics customer?

That's okay.  The community welcomes all people that want to be a member or just browse the non-member content.

Benefits for members that are not X-Analytics customers

Yes.  Some of the forum content and most of the support page is focused on using X-Analytics.  However, the community forum and insights go beyond X-Analytics and deliver content that is useful for anyone trying to solve or understand the cyber risk problem.  This content includes industry benchmarks, macroeconomic cyber risk insights, emerging technologies and conditions, SEC cyber disclosure guidance, board and governance guidance, and so much more.

Lead with Confidence

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