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X-Analytics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You have questions and we have answers.

  • What is X-Analytics Community?
    X-Analytics Community is a vibrant and inclusive space where professionals, experts, and enthusiasts come together to explore, discuss, and advance their understanding of cyber risk intelligence. Our mission is to bridge the gap among leaders, remove language barriers, and fundamentally shift how we solve the cyber risk problem. We provide a new and intuitive vocabulary for technical and non-technical leaders, empowering them to align their understanding of the cyber risk condition. By moving beyond traditional and vague cyber metrics, we leverage simple financial metrics to improve overall business decisions.
  • How do I join X-Analytics Community?
    Joining is simple. You sign up on this website, select your membership plan, agree to the terms, and gain exclusive access to the community.
  • How long is the membership subscription term?
    All members have two excellent choices. You can either sign up for a monthly term or an annual term. The term is active until you decide to cancel. Please note that membership fees are non-refundable, and cancellation will be effective at the end of the selected billing cycle.
  • Can I share membership with friends, peers, employees, or other?
    No, membership is not meant to be shared. Membership is assigned to an individual email address and is non-transferable. Membership is intended for individual use and should not be shared with others. Any unauthorized sharing or distribution of membership may result in termination of access without refund.
  • If I have several team members that need membership, then what is the best way to sign up?
    If the team has five or fewer members, each individual should sign up directly on this website using their own email address. If the team consists of more than five members, please contact us to inquire about group membership options. We can provide a packaged membership price and further facilitate the enrollment process for your team.
  • Can I share the community insights with non-community members?
    Yes, within reason. Limited sharing of insights is permitted within the community's Terms of Use policy. Members can share insights within their organization for operational purposes only. Any sharing of insights must included "X-Analytics" or "X-Analytics Community" attribution. Sharing of insights outside of your organization or with your customers through paid products/services is not permitted without explicit permission from X-Analytics.
  • If I have already purchased X-Analytics Enterprise, do I have access to the X-Analytics Community ?
    Yes, all active X-Analytics Enterprise customers will receive instructions and a coupon code to join the community voluntarily. The community membership term will be aligned with the X-Analytics Enterprise term. If the X-Analytics Enterprise subscription expires and you wish to retain community membership, you must sign up for a separate monthly or annual community membership subscription.
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