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Special Product Release

Pardon Our Progress: Organizational Changes Released

Sometimes the best way forward is through small changes.

We wanted to take a moment and address some needed organizational updates to the application inerface. Yes, they are minor but we hope they will make the application more user friendly and intuitive. Most of these changes are captured in the lefthand navigation panel, as seen below:

Changes made:

  • All reports are now listed under "Reporting".

  • The "Toolbox" is now the "Analysis Center".

  • All Dashboards and tools are listed under the "Analysis Center".

  • The Cyber Risk Summary has become the Cyber Risk Dashboard.

  • The Cyber Risk Details has become the Cyber Risk Grids.

    • A Control Effectiveness Grid has been added to Cyber Risk Grids.

  • All trend graphs are now captured under Cyber Risk Trending.

  • The Cyber Loss Estimator has become the Cyber Loss Lookup.

  • The Transfer Analyzer has become the Cyber Insurance Analyzer.

  • Control Frameworks has become Control Framework Dashboards.

If you have questions, please submit a support request or contact your X-Analytics Customer Success Lead.



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